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Red Hot RushFor high tech, biotech, medical equipment and other high value original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), RK Group manages spare parts warehousing and time critical parts supply:

  • Direct to customer
  • Direct to service technician, or to
  • Replenish parts depots around the world.

RK facilities are the North American regional spare parts hub for some customers, worldwide depot and SF Bay Area hub for others.

Spares for Repairs When & Where Needed

When a multibillion dollar manufacturing line goes down, it means unacceptable expense. RK Group gets ‘hot spares’ out within hours to get those lines back up. We are customer service for your customers.


Accurate Inventory with 24/7 Visibility – From Where You Are

Your technicians can monitor parts inventory remotely, in real time. For up to the minute accuracy on parts availability anywhere in the world. There’s no waiting til the service center opens at 8am eastern. You can place your parts order any time of day, anywhere in the world. Password-protected secure access. You can find the part you need and place your order with your smartphone, laptop, or computer.

We Understand and Honor Your Service Level Agreement

Your customer buys different levels of service from you, and stipulates those terms in distinct Service Level Agreements (SLA). We understand the importance of adhering to SLA terms and ship to the standards to which you’ve agreed.

Location Location Location – +3 Hours for West Coast CutOff Times

True in real estate. Especially true in logistics! RK Group’s facilities are strategically located for optimal speed and the later port and airport cutoff times provided by the US West Coast. Near 3 major international airports, turn to RK Group to add 3more hours in to your east coast shipping day.

Managing critical spares and worldwide replenishment is a core competency and a core business for RK Group. We bring that knowledge to bear for your business. Leverage our relationships with major, international freight forwarders to your benefit. We deliver daily to Northern California airports, and do pickups from all the major parcel carriers.

Reverse Logistics for Spare Parts – Internet Security, Automotive Industry Strengths

When a server breaks down, our customers providing Internet Security in world-class data centers turn to RK Group to bring in the equipment or component, recover or scrub the information on the hard drive, rebuild, test, repack and ship out the repaired components to data centers around the world.

We know reverse logistics and can support your needs for MRB, RMA and core recovery. Within our expanding Foreign Trade Zone if desired, or in other facilities throughout Silicon Valley.

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Spare Parts

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