Manufacturing Logistics

manufacturing-logisticsOur warehousing services began decades ago as an add-on to reliable distribution services for Silicon Valley leaders. But in the past decade, with dedication to process, quality, cross-training and continuous improvement, manufacturing support services have become a core competency and differentiating strength of RK Group.

Silicon Valley Manufacturing Support Services

RK Group operates multiple dedicated and multi-client facilities in San Francisco’s East Bay. We are committed to providing responsive services to our dynamic and high growth customer base. This tends to mean continuous evolution in our own profile, to ensure capability sets aligned to envisioned growth and expansions of service. RK has highly skilled team members on site in facilities and campuses throughout Silicon Valley to properly support the manufacturers we serve, and respond to the service requirements of our customers’ customers.

Daily Pick-up and Delivery

RK Group began as RK Distribution Services and brings decades of experience in caring for materials, product and parts movement for leaders in the high value, high tech market.

Our dedicated fleet of 17 trucks runs continuously in a circuit among key campuses throughout Silicon Valley, picking up and delivering parts as needed from local, regional and international suppliers, delivering them to other campus locations or to our warehousing facilities for clean room handling prior to storage. Our team delivers these repackaged, cleaned and manufacturing-ready components as needed, for some of the biggest names in semiconductor manufacturing.

Specially bonded RK Group drivers recover medical device, automotive parts and high tech shipments from ports and airports and transport them into our Foreign Trade Zone facility for cleaning and storage prior to on-shipment to Asia or Europe. RK also manages shipment of spare parts for worldwide facilities of our high tech customers from the depot, from fully automated interfaces created in partnership with our customers.

RK Logistics Clean Room

Clean Room Repackaging, Inventory Management

As parts and materials are received, our team unpacks components from shipping materials, thoroughly cleans, prepares and seals the component for inventory storage until needed by our customers’ manufacturing lines. This is a process performed to exacting standards as mandated, every time.

Flex Time

Flex Labor Kitting & Repack Service

When your orders spike and demand is surging, RK steps up with flex-labor teams available as needed, for kitting, sequencing, testing, configuration or repackaging for fulfillment. Our team provides that variable bandwidth you need, ensuring continuous, peak performance as expected – and demanded — by your customers despite peaks and valleys over time.

Continuous Improvement

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

We proactively review performance on a regular basis with each customer to continuously identify areas for improvement in the warehouse and the way it’s running, looking at aspects such as potential improvements in service schedules, optimizing material flow, the way material put on shelves, measurements of product on shelving and efficiency of handling.

“I appreciate RK Group’s proactive identification of areas for improvement in our quarterly business reviews. They consistently identify opportunities above and beyond the contracted terms and clearly have our company’s best interest in mind.”

– Fortune 50 High Tech Manufacturer