Finished Goods Distribution

We Understand that Your Finished Goods Mean Money

Coming off the line, your finished goods are precious. RK Group treats them with appropriate care. We expertly prepare your goods for shipment, pack, crate, label and distribute for some of the most demanding companies and most sensitive high tech equipment, worldwide.

Documentation Accuracy and Forwarder Relationships Mean On-Time Delivery

We’ve handled international distribution of high value goods for decades and understand the nuances and complexities of export documentation. Our strong relationships with leading freight forwarders and location near three major airports – SFO, OAK and SJC – translate to meeting cutoff times for the right flights and on-time delivery to your customers as promised. And 3 hours’ more for westbound shipments to make the cut.

For shipments inbound from Asia, RK provides airport recovery services with unparalleled speed, for Spare parts needed on the line, deferred dutiable in our FTZ facility or finished goods, quickly cleared out to market.

National Coverage Through Partner Carrier Network

For national scope and coverage, we work closely with a network of partner carriers, with whom we’ve built relationships for more than 20 years, to assure capacity when, and coverage where, needed nationwide.


RK Group


Retail Distribution Throughout Northern California

Food and beverage and consumer goods customers enjoy reliable delivery to store shelves throughout Northern California via RK Group’s dedicated truck fleet. From grocery retailers on the Peninsula to paper products into multiple retail chains throughout Northern California, we’re proud to support our local community with the excellence in service honed through years of experience.

You can trust us to store and ship your goods–and get them where you need them, when you need them.