For the largest semiconductor manufacturer to the smallest hi tech startup, RK Group provides superior, personalized service. Because we’re privately held and efficiently cross-trained, one call is all it takes for responsive service you can count on.

Robot arm in a factory working for the humans

Manufacturing Support Logistics

For some of the largest and most recognized high tech companies on the planet, we provide Manfacturing Support Logistics, including daily pickup and delivery of components, materials and product to and from campuses throughout Silicon valley, Clean-Room unpack and repack, and Flex Labor services for kitting, sequencing and testing when demand levels are highest, either in dedicated or multi-client facilities to ensure optimal handling to spec.


Spare Parts Depot

RK Group manages Spare Parts Depots for global leaders with 24/7 operations responsive to the extremely dynamic and always urgent needs of manufacturing, factories and data centers from Singapore to Sao Paulo and San Jose. We ensure that critically needed parts are correctly picked, pulled, out the door and in the hands of waiting repair technicians, according to the terms of your Service Level Agreement (SLA). Time is money in high tech manufacturing. Uptime is everything.


Finished Goods Distribution

We handle end to end Finished Goods Distribution for some of the world’s most sensitive and highest value technology products around the world. Closer to home, we keep the retail shelves stocked for Northern California communities that have come to depend on RK Group reliability and care. For pickup, packaging and delivery, you can count on RK to deliver, as promised and on-time.


Foreign Trade Zone

RK Group manages a fast-growing FTZ in Fremont, CA which serves Silicon Valley and Northern California manufacturers. Our customers achieve significant financial and logistical efficiencies by realizing the benefits of deferred duties, inverted tariffs, and duty exemption.